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        Guangdong Nanfang environmental protection Biotechnology Co., Ltd

        Established in 1987, Guangdong Nanfang Environmental Protection Biotechnology Co., Ltd. is a national high-tech enterprise integrating environmental protection technology, equipment, engineering and service.

        Our main business is odor and VOCs control, environmental services and related environmental project investment. We are characterized by continuous research on our own core technologies and products, and provide a full range of services around that, including but not limited to equipment, engineering, complete sets, maintenance, intelligent operation and investment.

        In the field of odor and VOCs treatment, we have successfully developed a series devices of biological, chemical and physical treatment for odor pollutants and VOCs, which are all widely used in municipal, sanitation, petrochemical, printing and dyeing, papermaking, pharmaceutical, food and other industries. We have obtained more than ten patents of invention and utility model in biological treatment filling, deodorant process, device and system, etc. The company has established "Guangdong Province Industrial Organic Waste Gas and Odor Control Engineering Technology Research Center", is one of the construction units of "National Engineering Laboratory of Volatile Organic Pollutant Treatment Technology and Equipment" and the principle member of "Guangdong Province Volatile Organic Pollutant Treatment Industry Technology Innovation Alliance". Up to September 2020, we have completed 393 projects with 767 sets of odor and VOCs treatment facilities, with a cumulative treatment capacity of more than 15.41 million m3/h.

        In the field of environmental service and investment, we have abundant money, and rely on unique technology. Cooperating with the computer and automation laboratories of key universities, we provide you with the project contracting and complete equipment, technical consultation, equipment supply and installation, maintenance and other services in sewage treatment plant, sludge treatment plant and garbage treatment plant. With intelligent cloud platform, through intelligent gateways, smart meters, smart devices, and intelligent instruments such as digital video cameras, the local operation conditions and the real-time scene information will be uploaded to the cloud server. Above all, a 7*24-hour service will be provided, including fault alarm, risk warning and rapid repair, remote diagnosis, data analysis, numerical modeling. Such a all-round comprehensive service can be accessed through multi-terminals, for example, mobile phone, Pad and PC. Integrating "data collection, analysis and control", we help you increase efficiency and quality on operation ,meanwhile, save the cost greatly.

        Guangdong Institute of Microbiology, one of the earliest research units engaged in the biological treatment of odor gas in China, is the shareholder of the our company, providing environmental technology and hardware facilities. It has over-50-year experience in microbial research and mature bacteria screening, breeding, domestication abilities. At present, there is an academician of the Academy of Engineering, 59 researchers and associate researchers. With provincial application of microbial state key laboratory of south China, the national chemical ecological environment safety evaluation service center, the national biological industry base public experiment center, national patent preservation institutions - of microbial culture collection center of guangdong province, southern China's largest (second) of the country's large fungi herbarium, drinking water safety in guangdong province emergency technology research center, and such a large number of national and provincial science and technology innovation platform. We have deep cooperation with Guangdong Institute of Microbiology in the research and development of scientific research projects, transformation of scientific and technological achievements, talent exchange and other aspects. We also participated in the investment and construction of Zhaoqing National High-tech Zone "Guangzhou Branch of Chinese Academy of Sciences and Industrial Biotechnology Transfer Center of Guangdong Academy of Sciences" to join the promotion of the development in scientific and technological innovation.

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